Panama for men: the summer hat par excellence

Panama uomo: il cappello estivo per eccellenza


Introduction: Panama, the perfect hat for summer

The men's Panama hat is the ideal accessory to face the hot summer days with style and elegance. Thanks to its lightness, freshness and versatility, the Panama has over time become an icon of style and a must-have for fashion-conscious men. In this article, we will discover the origin, materials and workmanship of the Panama hat, as well as explore the collection of Primario Nesti, a hat brand of excellence since 1947.

Origin of the Panama hat

Although the name may suggest a Central American origin, the Panama hat originates from Ecuador, where it was first produced in the 17th century. The name "Panama" comes from the fact that these hats were exported across the Isthmus of Panama, thus becoming popular among Panama Canal workers and European explorers.

Materials and workmanship of the Panama hat

The Panama hat is made with toquilla fibers, a tropical plant widespread in Ecuador. The leaves of the plant are collected, dried and then woven by hand to create the structure of the hat. The craftsmanship and the quality of the material make each Panama hat a unique and exclusive piece.

The Panama hat: an icon of style and elegance

The Panama hat has won the hearts of famous people, politicians and artists over time, thus becoming a symbol of style and elegance. Among the admirers of the Panama hat, we find figures such as Winston Churchill, Al Capone and Humphrey Bogart, who have made it a timeless icon of men's fashion.

The Panama men's collection by Primario Nesti

Primario Nesti, a historic hat brand since 1947, offers a wide range of Panama hats for men, ideal for summer. The SS 23 collection offers different models that adapt to every style and personality.

Panama Montecristi superfine

The Panama Montecristi superfino is the top of the range in the Primario Nesti Panama hat collection. Made with meticulous craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, this hat is synonymous with luxury and elegance.

Positano Panama

The Positano Panama is an elegant and versatile hat, perfect for men looking for a classy accessory for their summer outings.

Ortigia Coppola Panama

The Ortigia Coppola Panama combines the tradition of the Sicilian cap with the charm of the Panama hat. This model is ideal for those who want a hat with a unique and original design.

Sanremo Panama

The Sanremo Panama is a hat with a casual and relaxed style, suitable for those who prefer an informal and casual look.

Portofino Panama

The Portofino Panama is a model with a classic and timeless design, perfect for those who love the retro charm of Panama hats.

Capri Panama

The Capri Panama is a hat with a light and fresh look, ideal for the hottest days of summer.

How to match the Panama hat

The Panama hat is an extremely versatile accessory that lends itself to different combinations and occasions. Here are some tips on how to wear a Panama hat to best enhance your style.

Elegant clothing

For a formal occasion or a gala event, pairing the Panama hat with an elegant outfit, such as a linen suit or a blazer and cotton trousers, is a sophisticated and classy choice.

Casual dress

In a more informal situation, the Panama hat fits perfectly with a casual outfit consisting of jeans, chinos or Bermuda shorts and a light shirt or polo shirt.


To complete your Panama hat look, choose accessories that reflect the style of the hat and outfit. For example, you can opt for a silk tie or a light scarf, elegant sunglasses and a leather or canvas bag.

Caring for your Panama hat

To keep your Panama hat in perfect condition, it is important to follow some simple maintenance and storage rules.


To clean your Panama hat, use a soft, dry cloth or soft-bristle brush to gently remove dust and dirt. Avoid using water or detergents, as they may damage the hat.


When you are not wearing your Panama hat, store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. It is best to place it on a flat surface or hat stand to prevent it from deforming.


To preserve the shape of your Panama hat, always handle it with care, holding it by the bottom of the brim and not the crown. This will avoid damaging the structure and shape of the hat.


The men's Panama hat is the summer accessory par excellence, which combines elegance, freshness and versatility. Choose the model that best suits your style from the vast range offered by Primario Nesti and wear it with pride on every occasion. Remember to take care of it to keep it in perfect condition over time.

Frequent questions

1. What is the material used to make Panama hats?

Panama hats are made from the fibers of the Carludovica palmata plant, also known as "toquilla straw".

2. How do you recognize a high-quality Panama hat?

A high-quality Panama hat stands out for the fineness of the fibers, the compactness of the weave and the regularity of the pattern. Furthermore, higher quality hats, such as the superfine Montecristi, have a greater number of knots per square centimeter.

3. Can I wear my Panama hat in winter too?

The Panama hat is mainly designed for the summer season, thanks to its lightness and breathability. However, if you also want to wear it in winter, make sure you choose a model with an internal lining to protect your head from the cold.

4. How can I protect my Panama hat from the rain?

To protect your Panama hat from rain, you can use a spray waterproofer specially formulated for toquilla straw. However, it is important to remember that the Panama hat is not meant to be worn in the rain and is best avoided if possible.

5. Can I fold my Panama hat to take on a trip?

Some models of Panama hats, such as the "rollable" or "travel", are designed to be folded and stored in a bag or suitcase without losing their shape. Before folding your hat, make sure it is actually a model suitable for this purpose.

6. How to clean and store my Panama hat?

To clean your Panama hat, use a damp cloth and mild soap to remove any stains. Do not immerse the hat in water and dry it in the open air, away from direct sources of heat. To store it, store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, preferably on a hat stand or flat surface.

7. How can I match my Panama hat with my summer outfit?

The Panama hat is an extremely versatile accessory that can be paired with a wide range of summer outfits. For an elegant and refined look, pair your Panama hat with a linen suit, white trousers and boat shoes. For a more casual look, wear your hat with a short-sleeved shirt, shorts and sandals.

8. What is the difference between a Panama hat and a Fedora hat?

Although both hats have a similar shape, with a domed crown and a flared brim, the main difference between a Panama hat and a Fedora hat lies in the material used. The Panama hat is made of toquilla straw, while the Fedora hat is usually made of felt, wool or other materials. Furthermore, the Panama hat is lighter and suitable for summer, while the Fedora is heavier and suitable for cold seasons.

9. What are the advantages of purchasing a Panama hat from Primario Nesti Cappelleria?

By purchasing a Panama hat from Primario Nesti Cappelleria, you will benefit from a wide range of high quality models, made with fine materials and craftsmanship. Furthermore, Primario Nesti customer service is at your disposal to help you choose the model and size best suited to your needs and to answer any questions you may have.

10. Can I customize my Panama hat?

Yes, many Panama hat models offer the possibility of customizing the strap or brim of the hat with different colors and materials. For further information on customization options, contact Primario Nesti Cappelleria customer service.


The men's Panama hat is a summer accessory par excellence, combining elegance, freshness and sun protection. Thanks to its versatility and the variety of models available, it is a must-have for every summer wardrobe. Discover the collection of men's Panama hats at Primario Nesti Cappelleria and find your ideal hat for the summer!

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