Straw from Florence

Treat yourself to the emotion of the oldest Italian hat-making tradition! Straw from Florence: very fine braid of wheat, hand-crafted in Tuscany with enchanting skill for over three centuries

Straw Hats from Florence

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Straw Panama: Tradition and Craftsmanship

La Paglia Panama takes us on a journey through the art and history of Ecuador. This material, patiently woven by skilled artisan hands, offers superior quality garments, capable of resisting over time and giving an unmistakable touch of elegance.

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Straw of Florence: Reflections of Italian History

Discover the straw of Florence, an ancient and precious material that tells an important part of Italian artisan history. Created with selected and hand-crafted wheat straw, it reflects the love for detail and the passion for excellence.

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Vegetable Fibres: An Embrace to Nature

Vegetable Fibers represent the most authentic expression of the bond with nature. Resistant and pleasant to the touch, they are the right compromise between style and sustainability, for a responsible and fashionable summer.

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Papier Fibers: Innovation and Comfort

Enter the world of Papier Fibres, a light and versatile choice for your summer hats. Appreciate their softness and the comfort of a material that knows how to be chic without sacrificing comfort.

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