Primario Nesti's philosophy is a response to the frenetic times of large industry.

In an era of unbridled consumption and accumulation, we at Primario Nesti believe in slow, sustainable and ethical craftsmanship.

This is why we dedicate care and dedication to every single hat, creating products destined to last over time thanks to the high quality of the workmanship and materials used.

We promote sustainable production as the best possible solution to the low-cost clothing industry's waste, environmental pollution and the exploitation of low-cost labor.

We are certain that the future will be artisanal and responsible, therefore we put environmental protection and respect for customers first, who are increasingly aware of their choices.

Our strength is the family behind the company.

From 1947 to today, the ancient knowledge of the art of handmade hats has been handed down from generation to generation, leaving the creative spirit of craftsmanship unchanged.

With over seventy years of activity, the Nesti–Frosini family has been operating in the manufacturing sector for four generations.

This allows us to work with tenacity and cohesion, sharing values ​​and objectives even in times of difficulty.

Together we have faced and won great challenges , putting professionalism and attention to the customer's new needs at the center of the project.

What makes Primario Nesti a truly unique and innovative product is precisely the ability to combine ancient artisan knowledge with the most cutting-edge technologies, fully respecting the environment and people.

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An Italian story made of passion and courage: over 70 years of hatmaking tradition, handed down from father to son for four generations...

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The secret to a perfect hat? Carefully selected precious materials, handcrafted by our Tuscan artisans...

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Cappello da Mare a Fantasia Geometrica Cappello da Mare a Cloche Uncinetto Cappello da Mare a Pamela Uncinetto Cappello da Spiaggia a Cloche Uncinetto Panarea Raffia

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