How summer panama hats are handmade

Come sono fatti a mano i cappelli panama estate

If you are looking for a stylish and cool hat for summer, the handmade panama hat might be the right choice for you. This type of hat, originally from Ecuador, is made from a palm plant called Carludovica Palmata.


The manufacturing of the panama hat begins with the collection of the leaves of the palm plant. The leaves are boiled and left to soak in water for a few days, in order to soften them and make them easily workable. After this process, the fibers are cleaned and left to dry in the sun.

The main material of the panama hat is palm fiber, but other natural materials such as silk, linen and cotton are also often used to improve the strength and durability of the hat.


Panama hat production is an art that requires a lot of experience and patience. Experienced hatters handcraft each hat, using traditional techniques to create a high-quality product.

The palm fibers are braided with a technique called "trenza", which consists of weaving the fibers to create a thin braid. This braid is then wrapped around a wooden shape called a "hat shape" to create the panama hat shape.

Once the shape has been created, the hat is hand finished, cut and folded to create the classic panama hat shape. Finally, the hat is decorated with a grosgrain ribbon around the base of the brim to create a further elegant finish.


The handmade panama hat is a high-quality option for those looking for a stylish and lightweight hat for summer. With its artisanal production and use of natural materials, the panama hat represents an excellent choice for those looking for a long-lasting, quality product.

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