Technical Specifications And Uses

Our face mask has an internal pocket for inserting PM2.5 filters.

Five layers of protection

The peculiar structure of this filter, made up of five layers, guarantees a wide range of benefits for breathing: it is able to filter up to 99.997% of the pathogens in the air, block pollen and allergens up to 0.001 mm, and reduce humidity loss by 88%.

Ideal in any situation

These features make the use of our mask ideal in any situation and for any activity, both in open and closed environments.

To feel safe, wherever you go

The use of PM2.5 filters is strongly recommended for filtering particulate matter and exhaust gases in urbanized contexts, during maintenance work or on construction sites, in the processing of plasterboard, in sanding and sawing wood, during cleaning activities and gardening, to protect from atmospheric events such as fog or haze and even while grooming your four-legged friend!

Maximum protection

The PM2.5 filter is also perfect for a simple walk in the city , in the countryside or in the mountains, as it guarantees high standards of protection from dust, germs, bacteria, humidity, allergens, and pollen.

Filter lifespan

Each filter has an average lifespan of 7 continuous days. However, intensive use in particularly polluted environments, and vice versa, occasional use in the absence of smog, can affect the filter's lifespan.