Natural Vegetable Fibers

Our selection of natural fibers is designed for a summer sheltered from the sun, but full of style!

Each fiber used is chosen with meticulous attention by our craftsmen, who select the perfect material depending on the hat model , from the finest to the most sporty.


The goal is to give customers maximum freshness, combined with the timeless beauty of Made in Italy fashion: this is why we love using versatile fibres, suitable for everyday use and combinable with any type of summer outfit.

From the beach to social parties, natural fibers are ideal for those looking for a comfortable and light hat, but always and only handmade in Italy!

Other summer materials

100% Panama

His meticulous manual weaving has earned him recognition as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity...

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Straw from Florence

Each fiber used is carefully chosen by our craftsmen, who select the perfect material based on the type of hat...

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Papier fibres

Obtained from a weave of cellulose fiber obtained from the recycling of fine papers, the papier is bleached and polished by hand...

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