Spring-Summer 2023 Women's Hats

Cappelli da Donna Primavera-Estate 2023

Women's hats: the Must Haves of the Spring-Summer 2023 Season

To be worn at the seaside, for a boat trip, during a summer ceremony, or while sipping a lemonade under the fuchsia Bougainvillea flowers.

Spring-Summer women's hats are a riot of delicate and feminine colours: from pastel pink to purple, passing through all the tones of blue and the timeless white.
Raffia hats, women's Panama hats , wide-brimmed models and elegant and refined peaked hats: all you have to do is choose your favorite summer hat and match it with the ideal look.
Do you want some advice on how to match summer women's hats

Let 's start the Tour!

Women's summer hats: the secrets to matching them best.

Women's hat “Panarea” model

panarea women's raffia straw hat summer 2021 fashion

The Panarea straw-coloured women's raffia hat is a wide-brimmed hat perfect for hot summer days.
The fringed edges and the animal print or polka dot satin headband give a touch of unique style to the classic hat model, most loved of all time.

How to match the wide-brimmed hat?

Matching the outfit to the hat has never been so simple.
You can wear the wonderful Panarea model with a loose linen dress, for a romantic evening, or a beach party.
Delicious even with shorter dresses, with fresh and colorful fabrics.
For an even more refined touch, try it together with a loose-fitting blouse in pastel shades.
It will be your passepartout for an unforgettable summer.

Panama Hats for Women

We know: Summer isn't Summer without a new Panama hat .
It gives that extra touch to every outfit, from the simplest and most casual to the most classic chic.

It never goes out of fashion and is the headgear par excellence.
We at Primario Nesti want to offer you not one, but three models of Panama hats for women .
All you have to do is choose your favorite hat!

We present to you:

“Portovenere” Panama hat

Women's panama hat suitable for the glamorous summer season

The original Ecuadorian paja-toquilla is accompanied by a wide brim, for a unique pink, straw-coloured or white hat , which brings with it all the joy of the summer.
The extra Glamor detail?
The tone-on-tone headband , with bright touches of color and the highlight given by the double row of brilliant applications.

Wear it with…

A floral, loose and fresh blouse, or a beautiful long, elegant and refined dress. You will look lovely!

“Ostuni” women's Panama hat

women's panama hat riding cap summer 2021 fashion trend

The jewel in the crown of women's peaked hats , with a very particular and precious cut.

It changes its name depending on the contexts of use ( rider's hat , jockey's hat or baseball hat), but its style remains unique, capable of making even the most casual clothing sophisticated.

Panama straw is enriched with the touch of grosgrain denim.

A classic women's hat, but one that winks at the Summer 2023 fashion trends .

Beautiful, refined and shining, like the city whose name it bears.

Wear it with…

White shirt, scarf around the neck, tight-fitting trousers or jeggins, in cream or beige, or brown.

A pair of boots and the rider-chic look is complete, ready to be talked about.

Fedora hat “Amalfi”

amalfi panama women's hatproof hat

Inspired by the fresh and lively colors of the Amalfi coast, this Panama Fedora model brings together charm, style and light-heartedness.

Choose it in black, for timeless elegance, or let yourself be won over by the lively tones of pastel green and beige, combined with bands in contrasting tones, which highlight its originality.

Wear it with…

Blazer, blouse and tight-fitting trousers, for a distinct and refined outfit.

But enough about women's hats: let's talk about you.

Amalfi Coast

Let yourself be amazed by the artisanal dream signed by Primario Nesti.

Close your eyes and imagine the scene.

It's evening, you're sitting on the terrace of your suite in Positano . The wind is cool, but it's a relief after the heat all day. It ruffles your freshly styled curls, your linen dress rustles on your tanned bare legs.

You overlap them. Breathe. Your knight is finishing preparing for dinner.

He'll take you to eat fish at that gorgeous little place you saw down town.

You can already enjoy the scent of linguine with clams and the fresh white wine that makes you more cheerful and talkative.

But now, in this very moment, you are grateful for the silence around you .
It smells of the sea, of serenity, of love, of desire.

And it's the moment of peace you deserve, made especially for you, now. Enjoy it with all of yourself, savor it, live it.

You deserve a lifetime of unique moments.

Today, it starts with you .

Treat yourself to the emotion signed by Primario Nesti.

Discover all the Spring-Summer 2022 women's hat models.

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