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Men's summer hats: freshness and refinement
In this article, we discover the importance of choosing the right summer hat for men to combine freshness and refinement. Let's explore the different types of summer hats available, such as Panamas, Fedoras and Trilbys, and the materials used, such as straw, papier and Parasisol. Plus, we offer advice on how to choose the perfect hat based on your style, face shape and occasion.
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How to choose the perfect hat for you
This blog provides a complete guide on how to choose the perfect hat for any occasion. From advice on considering your face shape, occasion, season and personal style, to tips on hat materials and shapes, this blog will help you find the right hat for you!
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Men's hats: which one to choose for every occasion.
Men's hats for every occasion. Primario Nesti's complete guide to choosing the best online hat to wear and give as a gift. From the panama hat, to the fedora, Trilby , up to the cap for traditional men, the range of hat models for men to choose from is truly wide and varied.
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