Personalized hats Primario Nesti

Cappelli personalizzati Primario Nesti

Primario Nesti personalized hats: Tuscan excellence that carries the name of Made in Italy high.

Handmade in compliance with the best Made in Italy tradition, with attention to every detail and trendy: personalized hats for men and women by Primario Nesti are the accessory capable of making the difference in every look.

Straw hats, with wide brims, with patterned headbands: each model is a journey that takes you to discover sustainable artisan fashion , respecting the environment and people.

We love making a tailor-made hat for you . We make our experience available to bring the model of your dreams to life.

Hats with embroidery , initials or the signature of your favorite city: choose how to make your Made in Italy hat unique.

Florence women's hat with wide brim and hatproof headdress

Amaze those you love with Primario Nesti personalized hats.

Giving a personalized hat allows you to create a unique, unrepeatable gift that speaks from heart to heart.

And it is precisely from the heart that it all began.

Let us tell you a story, a story of love and hats...

August 1937 , Primario and Oriana are walking arm in arm around the lake, where they went for a trip with their respective families. Together with them, Oriana's little sister, fifteen years old, now a few steps forward, now behind.

In the cool of the trees he enjoys picking the few little flowers that have survived the August heat and with his hand he unties the fabric bow that keeps his hat tied around his neck to get some air, using it as a fan.

Oriana turns just in time to warn her: "Annina, be careful, it'll fly at you..."

The words remain suspended, while Annina's straw hat pirouettes in the air, higher and higher, higher and higher...

“Oh no!”

Primary takes leave of his beloved's arm and tries to chase after the fugitive.

He reaches the edge of the path, where the lake vegetation grows higher, extends his arm and… clenches his fist empty-handed.

The hat lands softly in the water and disappears in the placid mirror of the lake.

Annina puts her hands to her mouth, her eyes filling with tears.

“Now who tells mom and dad?”

And he dissolves into desperate tears.

Oriana wraps her in a hug.

“Come on, we'll buy a new hat, don't worry.”
In his heart, however, he knows that the family won't be able to afford to buy it any time soon.

Primary returns to the girls, still panting from the run.

“I'm mortified, Annina, I didn't make it. The hat flew over the branches and fell into the water.”

The little girl raises her eyes full of tears and nods her head slightly.

Primary feels his heart tighten at that look.

Without thinking, he approaches the little girl and wipes her wet cheeks. The words come out of his mouth almost prophetic:

“Annina, look at me. I promise you: I will give you a new hat, personalized just for you. You can choose a straw hat, with a wide and beautiful brim like the one they wear in the city, or a hat embroidered with the initials of your name."

“With my name embroidered on the hat?”

The little girl lights up and blinks back tears with a broad smile.

“Exactly,” replies Primario. He meets Oriana's gaze who seems to say "Thank you", without speaking.

These are hard times, you can't afford personalized hand-embroidered hats, you can't afford many things...

A promise is a promise: Aunt Anna's personalized hats.

A promise is a promise.
Thus, exactly ten years later, in 1947, Primario showed up at the door of the Tomei family holding two intense blue hat boxes in his hands.

Anna runs beaming to the door.
His brother-in-law brought him as a gift not one, but two personalized straw hats , handmade in his artisan workshop in Campi Bisenzio (Florence).
A white straw hat, with a wide brim and a water green bow, with the letter "A" hand-embroidered on it.

The other, a panama hat of very fine workmanship, engraved with the date of that fateful day when the hat flew away into the lake.

Aunt Anna still keeps that embroidered hat hanging in her room today, as a reminder of the ambitious promise she kept.

We told you that Primario Nesti hats are a love story that has lasted for generations!

Do you want to know more about our history? Discover our Tuscan hatters' workshop .

Personalized hats hand-sewn in Tuscany, with love.

colored ribbons for hatproof hats, Tuscan craftsmanship

In every personalized Primario Nesti embroidered hat there is a promise. The same promise of great-grandfather Primario to little Annina.

It is the commitment of those who, every day, work with passion to guarantee the highest quality in every phase of production.

Hats for men and women, Panama hats, Fedora hats and much more: each example tells a story of Excellence , which is handed down from generation to generation.

From Florence to your home: request your tailor-made hat, as unique as you.

For a special gift, or to forever mark a unique event in your life, request your personalized, hand-embroidered hat . You will be able to choose the model, the writing and the colours. Our craftsmanship is at your service to give life to your tailor-made hat model, to be purchased conveniently online.

Do you want to ask an expert's opinion? Contact our Fashion Consultant

Tell us about your custom hat project: how you want it, in what material and model. Our consultant will be able to advise you on the most suitable choice for you.

Live the dream signed by Primario Nesti.

Contact us for a free consultation .

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