Men's summer hats: freshness and refinement

Cappelli estivi uomo: freschezza e raffinatezza

The summer season brings with it heat and sun, but also the opportunity to show off fresh and trendy accessories. An elegant men's summer hat can be the perfect complement to your summer outfits, offering protection from the sun and a touch of unique style. In this article, you will discover a selection of men's summer hats ideal for every occasion, available at Primario Nesti Cappelleria.

1. Panama Montecristi superfine

A timeless classic, the Panama Montecristi superfino is the summer hat par excellence. Handmade in Ecuador with the highest quality toquilla straw, this hat offers unique lightness and breathability. Its elegant and refined design makes it perfect for any occasion, from a walk in the city to a summer wedding.

2. Positano Panama

The Positano Panama is a very elegant men's summer hat, with a slightly wider brim than the classic Panama. Its sophisticated shape makes it ideal for formal events and for days when you want to add a touch of style to your look. The high-quality straw ensures comfort and freshness during the hottest days.

3. Ortigia Coppola Panama

For lovers of Italian style, the Ortigia Coppola Panama is a summer hat that combines the tradition of the Sicilian coppola with the charm of the Panama. Made from high-quality straw, this hat offers protection from the sun and a refined, distinctive look.

4. Sanremo Panama

The Sanremo Panama is a men's summer hat with a modern and dynamic design, characterized by a shorter brim and a slightly raised brim. Perfect for a casual yet elegant look, the Sanremo Panama is made of high quality straw to ensure comfort and freshness.

5. Portofino Panama

The Portofino Panama is a men's summer hat with a sophisticated and refined look. Its classic shape and high-quality straw make it an ideal accessory for formal occasions or for days when you want to add a touch of elegance to your summer look. Its lightness and breathability make it perfect for facing the hottest days in style.

6. Capri Panama

The Capri Panama is an elegant men's summer hat, characterized by extra fine workmanship and very high quality straw. Its classic shape and refinement make it the ideal accessory for any occasion, from a walk by the sea to an evening cocktail.

7. Alghero Fedora

The Alghero Fedora is a men's summer hat made of Florence straw, which offers an elegant and sophisticated look. Its classic shape and timeless style make it perfect for formal events and for days when you want to stand out with class.

8. Turin Fedora

The Torino Fedora is a men's summer hat made of papier, a light and breathable material that offers comfort and freshness during the hottest days. Its fedora shape and modern design make it a versatile and trendy accessory, ideal for any occasion.

9. Polignano Classy man

The Polignano Classy man is the most elegant men's hat in the SS23 collection, made of 100% Parasisol. This summer hat offers a refined and distinctive look, perfect for special occasions and to add a touch of class to your summer wardrobe.


Men's summer hats are essential accessories to complete your summer look with freshness and refinement. Whether you prefer a classic Panama, a fedora or a flat cap, Primario Nesti Cappelleria's selection offers options for every taste and occasion. Don't forget to visit the Primario Nesti website to discover all the available collections and read customer reviews for more information on the products and the quality offered.


  1. What is the best material for a men's summer hat? The most suitable materials for a men's summer hat are light and breathable ones, such as Panama straw, Florence straw, papier or Parasisol.

  2. How do you choose the right size for a men's summer hat? To choose the right size, measure the circumference of your head at the height of your eyebrows and ears. Then use this measurement to consult the size chart provided by the hat manufacturer.

  3. How do you clean and maintain a men's summer hat? To clean a men's summer hat, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Generally, straw hats can be cleaned with a damp cloth, while papier or Parasisol hats may require dry cleaning. To store your hat, store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent it from becoming discolored or deformed.

  4. Can I wear a men's summer hat even on formal occasions? Yes, many men's summer hats, such as the Panama Montecristi superfino, the Positano Panama or the Polignano Classy, ​​are suitable for formal occasions thanks to their elegant and refined design.

  5. What are the most popular men's summer hat brands? Primario Nesti Cappelleria is a reference brand for the production of high quality men's summer hats, with a wide range of models and materials to satisfy every need and preference. Other popular brands include Borsalino, Stetson and Bailey.

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