The Panama hat: a story that comes from afar.


“The Panama hat is, first of all, art. An expression of timeless fashion, a style that does not bend to the mold. Few hats can boast a soul so similar to that of a man.”

Panama hat. A story that comes from afar

The history of the Panama hat comes from far, far away...

Imagine the scene.

1914, the Caribbean sun is peaking above the heads of the resting workers. American President Theodore Roosevelt wanders between jobs. From time to time he nods, shakes hands with the construction site managers, his thick mustache bends upwards.

Is that a smile on the president's face? Well yes: the work on the construction of the Panama Canal has finally been completed.

An enterprising photographer makes his way among the onlookers.

“President, a photo to document the feat.”

Roosevelt grunts: it's a yes. The hand on the hat, the severe expression that relaxes for the time of a shot.

This is the pose that gave rise to the global fame of the "Sombrero fino de paja toquilla", the original name of the panama hat.


Panama hats. A name, a style, an institution

Panama hats did not take long to gain success in the United States of America (where the headgear was renamed the "Panama Hat") and in Europe.

Today, the undisputed king among men's and women's hats around the world, it is a symbol of elegance, culture and timeless style.

But the origin of the Panama hat is even older

The roots of the famous Ecuadorian headdress date back, in fact, to Ecuador, its country of origin. The name, contrary to what one might think, does not indicate a particular shape of hat, but rather an artisanal processing of young palm shoots from Ecuador, called "carludivia palmita".

The Panama can therefore be declined in various hat models, for men and women (cloche, colonial hat, fedora, etc...).

Today its fame is associated with the headdresses of the most famous faces in Hollywood, timeless actors and celebrities who have contributed to making it an undisputed symbol of elegance.

“Fashion passes, but the style of the Panama hat remains timeless”

What makes the Panama hat unique?

Aesthetic beauty is not the only element that contributes to the fame of the famous Panama Hat.

What makes it unique is the handwork, an art that is handed down from generation to generation and draws on a centuries-old heritage.

The care and attention given to each specimen makes each Panama unique. A technical masterpiece ready to give its touch of charm to every outfit, from the most elegant to the casual.

Panama hats Primary Care Nesti

The most beautiful story to tell is the one still to be lived. Then relax and let yourself be carried away.

You walk through the streets of Capri, the shadow of the shrubs creates plays of light on the path.
The fresh wind ruffles your thoughts, on the ferry that plows the waves in Portovenere.
And again, the flowering bougainvilleas envelop you in the thousand colors of Positano.
How much peace in a sip of sun in Portocervo.
One last dive and behold, it's evening. The white houses of Ostuni are tinged with red and pink reflections.

It's time to return. To be lulled by the inviting scents of Amalfi.
The street lamps light up like flowers of light along the streets of Portofino.

It's golden hour.

Nothing less, nothing more.
Your dream by Primario Nesti is just waiting for you to become reality.

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