The Panama hat: your travel companion for the summer

Cappelli Panama Montecristi: Artigianato e Qualità per l'Estate 2023
Find out more about the history of Montecristi Panama hats, their distinctive features and advice on how to choose the perfect model for you. Visit our Panama SS23 collection to see all the options available. With Primario Nesti Cappelleria, you can be sure of purchasing high quality handcrafted products!
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Cappelli Panama per Matrimoni: Eleganza e Stile per la Tua Giornata Speciale
In our blog post, we explore the elegance and style of Panama hats for weddings, offering tips on how to choose the perfect hat for your big day. Let's talk about the benefits of wearing a Panama hat, the factors to consider when choosing the right hat, and the care and maintenance needed to keep the hat in tip-top condition.
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Scopri l'affascinante storia del cappello panama
The panama hat is a style icon and a timeless accessory that boasts a fascinating history. Originally from Ecuador, the panama hat became famous during the California gold rush and won over celebrities and fashion enthusiasts around the world. Its production requires great skill and patience, and today it is a trendy accessory for both men and women.
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