Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat
Cloche hat

Cloche hat

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With the purchase of any hat you will receive 4 free foam rubber reducers: simple adhesive strips to be placed under the internal band of the hat, to ensure an ideal fit if the hat is too loose.

1 - Get a soft and flexible tape measure. If you don't have a tape measure, you can use string or cotton thread , then measure it with a tape measure.

2 - Find the widest part of the head, i.e. the one just above the eyebrows.

3 - Slide the tape measure around the back of your head as in the figure below, passing it over your ears and using a mirror.

4 - The result will be your size in centimeters, i.e. the circumference of your head.

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    Circumference (in cm)

    Realizzato in 120g pure merino wool felt nel nostro laboratorio di famiglia al momento del tuo ordine. Garnished with matching 4cm grosgrain ribbon and side bow.

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    The Cloche hat with double brim for women celebrates the timeless charm and elegance of the 1930s divas.

    This headdress with a retro and vintage design is the ideal accessory to give that touch of glamor to your most sophisticated outfits.

    Its soft and harmonious line, combined with precious details such as the gross grain trim with bow, is designed to enhance every type of cut and hairstyle.

    Perfect for ceremonies, glamorous events and special occasions where you want to conquer everyone with your innate elegance!

    To best maintain and preserve your merino wool or rabbit winter hat, here are some useful tips:

    • Cleaning: Use our soft bristle hat brush to gently remove dust and dirt. For stubborn stains, dab with a damp cloth and neutral soap, avoiding excessive rubbing.
    • Storage: Store your hat in a dry place away from heat. During the change of season, our box in which we send you the hat and our free supports inside, help maintain its shape and protect it from dust.
    • Handle with care: Always pick up the hat by the brims, not the crown, to preserve its shape.
    • Water Protection: Many of our winter hats have a water-repellent treatment, but we encourage you not to wear them in heavy rain. For those who do not have this treatment, it is advisable to avoid getting them wet.

      By following these tips, your winter hat will keep its shape and remain beautiful and functional for a long time.

      If you want to restore or give your hat its shape, contact us on WhatsApp or call us at 3209476200 , we offer a professional restoration service to bring it back to like new condition.

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        Collection at our laboratory in Campi Bisenzio (Florence)

        • Free: we will notify you via email and WhatsApp when your hat is ready to be collected (usually within 1/2 working days)
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        All shipments include:

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        With the purchase of this hat, you will receive a free set of 4 foam size reducers. These are special adhesive strips that can be easily applied under the internal band of the hat:

        pair of primary size reducers with foam rubber inserts, adhesive strip to reduce the size of the hat by half a centimeter, front photo
        These size reducers are perfect if, once you try on the hat, you find that it is a little loose.
        In this case, simply peel off the protective film from the adhesive backing of the reducers and apply them under the internal band of the hat. You will thus be able to obtain a tighter and more comfortable fit.
        pair of primary size reducers with foam rubber inserts, adhesive strip to reduce the size of the hat by half a centimeter, rear photo
        We remind you that size reducers are designed to slightly reduce the size of the hat. In the event that the hat size is completely incorrect, remember that it is always possible to change size within 30 days.
        To do so, simply contact us via Whatsapp by clicking here or call 3209476200 and we will be happy to help you find the perfect size for you.

        Come Trovo la Taglia?

        Per trovare la taglia giusta del tuo cappello ti basta un semplice metro da sarta, o in alternativa uno spago da misurare poi con un righello.

        Posizionalo sulla parte più larga della testa, appena sopra le sopracciglia, e fallo scorrere intorno passando sopra le orecchie, aiutandoti con uno specchio.

        Il risultato in centimetri corrisponde alla circonferenza della tua testa e alla tua taglia.Se dovessi trovarti a metà tra due misure, ti consigliamo di optare per quella leggermente più grande.

        Iniziali Ricamate Gratis

        Rendi ancor più personale il tuo cappello con il nostro servizio gratuito di ricamo delle iniziali!

        Scegli fino a due lettere da far ricamare nel nastro interno al cappello.

        Per usufruire di questo servizio speciale, inserisci semplicemente le tue iniziali nelle note dell'ordine una volta aggiunto il cappello al carrello.

        Imballaggio Protettivo

        Grazie ai nostri supporti su misura e agli speciali imballaggi, riceverai il tuo cappello in perfette condizioni, come se fosse appena uscito dal nostro laboratorio!

        Oltre a garantire una consegna sicura, la nostra scatola è perfetta per riporre il tuo cappello durante il cambio di stagione o quando non lo indossi, per preservarne la forma e proteggerlo dalla polvere.

        Questa soluzione contribuisce anche alla sostenibilità e al rispetto dell'ambiente, valori che ispirano la nostra attività di famiglia da sempre.

        Immagine che apre la sezione recensioni di questo cappello di Primario Nesti

        Recensioni Clienti

        Customer Reviews

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        Filomena Martiniello
        Cappello cloche

        E' il secondo cappello che acquisto, ho fatto un regalo a mia figlia , è perfetto nella misura 58, calza a pennello, il colore sabbia del deserto le si addice ed è molto soddisfatta.
        In effetti è elegante , raffinato e di gran classe.

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