Flavors of Italy

A sensorial journey that celebrates artisanal excellence and Italian tradition: each hat draws inspiration from a city in our country and tells a unique story, recalling the authentic and distinctive flavors of our beloved nation.

With great passion and skill, we have created five masterpieces that represent the art of handmade hats, combining the tradition of shapes with the quality of materials and attention to detail.

Flavors of Italy

Alghero FedoraAmalfi ClocheBolgheri ClassicCapalbio ElegantCapraia Medium Wing

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Spring Summer

Embrace summer with our elegant proposals: bright shades, breathable fabrics and classic shapes will win you over.

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Hats that tell Italy with art and passion

The "Sapori d'Italia" collection embodies the essence of different Italian locations, with each hat paying homage to the city that inspired it, expressing the charm and elegance of its beaches, landscapes and typical flavors.

Discover the various nuances of elegance and celebrate the passion for the art of hats, immersing yourself in a precious and priceless cultural and gastronomic heritage.

Each hat represents an unforgettable journey, a work of art to wear and a precious treasure to keep over time.